Proxima Centauri management becomes sub-distributor of MAP

Already recognized for its consulting services in recruitment and human resources, Proxima Centauri officially becomes a Talentuum partner by obtaining its certification as a sub-distributor of the 360 MAP evaluation solution.


By obtaining the title of SUB-DISTRIBUTOR, Proxima Centauri can now offer the MAP (Management Action Profile) to all its current and future customers. Proxima Centauri now has full control over the MAP management web platform, the analysis of individual and group reports, and presentation of results to clients. Proxima Centauri can now offer a product better suited to the needs of its customers.

Used across the globe, MAP measures the skills of a manager through a self-assessment, an assessment on the part of his employees, colleagues and supervisor.


About Proxima Centauri


Proxima Centauri is an innovative and efficient human resources consulting firm. They know the challenges you face in recruiting and managing of your business. Their human resources advisors are rigorous and have a very distinct expertise to help their customer hire and increase the level of employee engagement. In fact, Proxima Centauri is a complete resource your HR needs.

They offer several HR solutions, such as:

  • Work-family balance

  • Pay Equity

  • Recruitment

  • Management training

  • Organization of workflow


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