Join the Linked Quebec Sales Subgroup

Talentuum becomes co-trustee of the Linked Quebec Sale Subgroup

Talentuum partners with renowned companies such as Sirius Personnel, Mercury International Marketing and Exo to officially launch the subgroup.


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This group is a unique forum in Quebec and has been created to improve the efficiency of your sales and business development, whether you are a Vice-President, a sales and marketing Director, an Entrepreneur, a professional or a sales representative.

Our environment is changing at breakneck speed. Your customer buying behavior are constantly evolving. How can you remain effective in today's marketing, sales and business development while the rules are upset and practices of yesterday are losing their effectiveness?

Join a group of experts and practitioners on Linked Québec - Sale to exchange about the challenges, successes and best practices in sales and business development.


The following video is available for now only in French - we appreciate your understanding...


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