Hunters Are Facing Extinction

The profile of the hunter, who is always looking for new opportunities, no longer fits the reality.

Today's sales people must establish their credibility, educate their  customers, tailor their business offering based on the respective needs of all decision makers and finally control the sales cycle from beginning to end.

By definition, the "hunter" cannot be an assertive sales person. Consequently, he must merge his style with the opposite profile: the "farmer". The latter is known for his ability to develop lasting relationships with customers, constantly grow his business network with a single customer and be on the lookout for business opportunities.

Technologies also announced the end of "hunters". For example, the integration of CRM within a company requires that sales professionals must constantly feed the customer database. The "hunter" cannot work alone. He must share all essential data on the progress of each business opportunity in order to keep other departments in the loop.

Finally, the swansong of the "hunter" might come from customers themselves. Clients now want to maintain long-term relationships. They want their suppliers to proactively offer solutions to address issues specific to their industry.

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