To help you plan the new quarter, we invite you to answer the following questions:

For the opportunities that you won:

  1. What new customers have you won?
  2. How did you win these customers?
  3. Who were your main competitors?
  4. Why did your new customers choose you instead of your competitors?
  5. What value proposition or offer caused you to win?
  6. What were the differences in price, margin, services and solutions and what do these differences tell you about your company and your sales efforts?


For the opportunities that you lost:

  1. What opportunities have you lost?
  2. Why did you lose them?
  3. Which of your competitors were chosen?
  4. What allowed them to win these opportunities?


For the sales process:

  1. To what measure did you follow your sales process for the opportunities that you lost?
  2. What would you change if you had another chance to win these opportunities?
  3. Which sales activities do you need to manage better during the next quarter?


If you would like to explore these questions with one of our experts, we invite you to contact us at: info@talentuum.com.

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