A growing phenomenon in many organizations is SALES FORCE VERTICALIZATION.

This approach relies on the fact that one specialist is often better than many generalists!

Even though the consultative sales process is still a preferred approach to convert a prospect into a customer, many organizations tend to specialize their sales teams by assigning only a few vertical markets to their sales professional.

In fact, verticalizing a sales team has several advantages that can't be denied. It's an approach that allows your sales experts to:


  1. Position themselves as real specialists to meet specific objectives
  2. Develop a highly targeted and specialized business VOCABULARY
  3. Better target sales efforts
  4. Capitalize on knowledge acquisition from one client to another
  5. Develop unique business savvy in a specific market.


Some practical tips to verticalize your sales team:

  1. Identify and choose the vertical markets that are the most likely to profit from your products and services. Be sure you understand WHY your products and services can be useful to these markets.
  2. Train your sales professionals on the challenges, trends, and opportunities in their respective vertical markets. We recommend that you subscribe to First Research: a gold mine of information on most vertical markets.
  3. Identify the most interesting businesses in your chosen vertical markets. This choice is generally made by selection criteria, such as: corporate vision, business volume, number of employees, etc. A good way to establish the criteria is to question yourself on the current customers with whom you have had great success. Look to identify the characteristics of these customers. Identify common denominators.
  4. Use LinkedIn and your own business network to reach the right people within the selected companies.
  5. Start your consultative sales process, ensuring that each sales professional incorporates the proper specialized vocabulary from the vertical market that he is prospecting in his vocabulary and in his sales approach.


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