BEING A SALES CULTURE LEADER in your company or business unit boils down to two priorities:

  1. Maximizing the CONTRIBUTION from a majority of employees to the business development process
  2. Maximizing the CONSISTENCY of the customer’ sales experience through systematic, proven anf effective processes / methods.


These two levers foster your SALES CULTURE and significantly increases performance in terms of revenue generated.


Our research has identified four types of sales cultures, four distinct operating modes characterized by the level of contribution and coherence present in an organization or business.


The SALES BOYCOTT mode: a mode where only a handful of people, managers or associates who happen to have a sales profile, contribute to business development and where the business process is very informal. This mode is characteristic of organizations that have a very poor performance and offer a disastrous customer experience.


The LIMITED OPPORTUNITY mode: a mode where more people, on top of a few managers or associates, that has, contributes to the business development process. In this mode, some processes are in place to ensure a good sales experience is provided to customers, but there is still a lot of improvisation.


The BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT mode: a mode where many individuals (managers, sales professionals, employees, etc.) contribute and are encouraged to contribute to the business development process. The contribution can go from a brief research to gather business intelligence to participating in brainstorming sessions to find the best solution for a client. In this mode, we observe many business processes that are well-established and positioned to provide an optimal sales experience for each customer.


The EVERYONE SELLS mode: the optimal mode in which the majority of employees participate, in a planned and structure way. to the business development process. All businesses in this mode have implemented the processes required to maximize, on an ongoing basis, each customer's sales experience.


The four types of sales culture:


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