E-Learning IMPACT Platform     

$ 395 / year

As a professional salesperson, what better way to ensure your success than to learn directly from master sales trainer and coach Bill Brooks? Your subscription to IMPACT E-Learning gives you access to Bill’s 30 years of expertise through videos, audios, reading material, quizzes – even an online selling simulator.

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How to Show the Value of your HR Projects?


Dear fellow HR professional,

Did you know that Canadian organisations invest over $13 billion in learning and development activities every year? That's a lot of money| But how are these investments justified? How to choose one program over another? How to know which ones are truly profitable for your organization?

There is a great need to prove the value of HR projects.

Download this exclusive document to learn how to evaluate your HR initiatives.

You're Working Too Hard

$ 31


Do you know what decision makers really want? Do you know what goes on in a decision makers' heads when they make buying decisions? Do you wonder why it's so hard to make a sale? Is there any easier way to do it?

When you have the answers to these questions, you can move mountains and put them anywhere you want them.

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Sales Techniques (Book on CD)

$ 17


Whether you’re new to sales or a seasoned pro, this audio book tackles all of your unanswered questions about selling:

  • What is a qualified prospect, and how do I find one?
  • How should I position myself and my product or service in order to get more sales?

  • What should I do to ensure that I’m fully prepared when I meet my prospects?

  • What should I accomplish when I meet with a prospect?

  • How do I make sure I get all of the information I need to make the best and most profitable sale?

  • What is application-based selling and how should I use it?

  • How do I close the sale?

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Perfect Phrases for the Sales Calls

$ 12


You'll discover the right phrase to use when prospecting, seeking appointments, meeting customers, making presentations, proving your claims, creating value and much more. This handy reference provides winning phrases for each stage of the sales process, showing the right words you need to...

  • Get past gatekeepers and sell to the decision makers

  • Present your products or service in the best light

  • Handle objections, stalling and other delaying tactics

  • Build trust and cultivate relathioships

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Measuring the Success of Sales Training (VOA) 

38 $


Claude Macdonald, CEO, and Louis Larochelle, vice-president at Talentuum are proud to be the authors of the Chapter 8th of Measuring the Success of Sales Training.  The book outlines how to measure the ROI of sales training programs and provides real-life case studies that demonstrate how to apply the principles of the ROI Methodology when evaluating these programs. You will find real-life case studies, such as:

- Simulation Based Sales Training at a Telecom Company.

- Sales Training Program for Sales Executives.

- Solution Selling for Sales Rep.

- Coaching Training for First-Level Sales Managers.

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